Coffee House Cafe

Retail Brand

Your customers favorite coffee house is right in the bakery area of your supermarket. Customers rely on you to provide them with the freshest, tastiest and most attractive baked goods available and at a reasonable cost. Our signature brand, Coffee House Cafè™, has been meeting your customer expectations for over 15 years. Always made with the finest ingredients, then rushed frozen to your distribution centers for de-thawing when you are ready to tease and entice your most discerning customers.

Earth's Own Natural Ingredients

Retail Brand

Eoni™ is as much about a healthy lifestyle choice as it is a brand. Eoni™ bakery treats redefine and refine the taste of pure all natural ingredients, whole grains plus added fiber for a healthier, slimmer and leaner you. Always lower in fat and sodium but never lower in taste. With Eoni™ you and your customers can enjoy cakes, muffins, cookies and scrumptious snacks with a clear conscious. It's even okay to have second helpings.